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Stakeholder Informed Strategy

We understand time and resources are precious and strategic planning can be a daunting task. With our proven and creative stakeholder informed strategic planning process we encourage clients to consider fresh ideas about their future and we work with them to draft stakeholder informed strategic documents.

Our stakeholder informed approach prioritises resource allocation to maximise stakeholder impact and achieve  strategic objectives. Whether you’re a start-up looking to establish a strong foundation or an established organisation aiming to deliver greater impact, we have the expertise to guide you on your journey.

Our team simplifies the planning process and reduces the stress of strategic planning for senior managers and Directors. We thrive in complex environments with diverse stakeholder groupings by  leveraging diverse perspectives to foster common understandings.

Our approach delivers future directions that creates a transparent alignment across vision, mission, stakeholder expectations, and strategic priorities.

Our methodology is informed by Systems Thinking, enabling us to create secure and inclusive spaces where all stakeholders, including staff, clients, management, funders, and Directors can actively participate in determining the future directions of the organisation.

Furthermore, we aim to build capacity by taking senior managers and Directors on a governance and planning journey that can be replicated using internal resources in subsequent years.

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