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Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Creating and sustaining positive relationships with stakeholders and the community can be overwhelming. The complexities of competing priorities, complaints, and unforeseeable issues can make this process even more challenging. With decades of experience, we aim for our clients to sleep soundly at night, confident that stakeholder and community engagement is being handled effectively.

We work closely with our clients and project sponsors to identify negotiables and prepare tailored plans that deliver meaningful and effective engagement with stakeholders.

Together, we can explore the potential of community and stakeholders to add real value through opportunity identification, creative thinking, and benefits realisation.

Our approach to community and stakeholder engagement is comprehensive and is constantly reviewed and updated in response to new information and changes in strategic direction.  

By seeking to understand community and stakeholder aspirations, interests, and values and feeding these into the decision-making process, we create the potential for enhanced outcomes to be achieved through more informed decision making.


Our consultants are tertiary qualified in communications and have a wealth of engagement and facilitation experience across a broad range of subject areas.  Our team members have also been recognised with IAP2 Core Value awards for their endeavours in organisational and project engagement.

We focus on the delivery of creative engagement and facilitation solutions that benefit all parties, and we collaborate closely with stakeholders to ensure this.  Our services include:

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