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South32 Worsley Alumina Case Study

Case Study

Community Perceptions Survey


South West WA / Boddington and Collie


South32 Worsley Alumina


361 Degrees was engaged by South32 to assess the effectiveness of its social impact model and understand the current community perceptions about its operations. The company wanted to identify new strategies to engage with communities, develop purposeful community investment plans and establish a baseline to measure performance.  

To achieve these objectives, we designed and conducted a hybrid research approach that combined quantitative telephone surveys with qualitative methods, such as stakeholder interviews and focus groups. This strategy was aimed at deeply understanding the attitudes and perceptions of both local and regional communities towards South32. 

Project Outcomes

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the research results and presented the outcomes, providing South32 with a baseline understanding of several key areas. These include current perceptions of the company’s credibility and reputation, the level of awareness and understanding among stakeholders and community members regarding South32’s contribution to the communities it operates in, and the satisfaction and perceived value of the community investment South32 makes in those communities. 

The community research approach demonstrated South32’s dedication to continuous improvement and engagement with stakeholders, building the company’s reputation as a responsive organisation that values stakeholder input. The survey also allowed South32 to develop community investment plans that align with local aspirations and establish a performance baseline.  

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