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Whether you are in an industry that experiences distrust, outrage, conflict, or intense emotions, or simply desire an independent guide to steer your discussions, our facilitation services are designed to meet your needs.

361 Degrees brings decades of experience facilitating groups of all sizes and from all walks of life. Our focus lies in promoting impactful conversations and creating interactive processes that produce meaningful outcomes. Using a diverse range of techniques and methods, we work closely with our clients to customise meetings and workshops to suit their requirements.

Our experience enables us to foster collaborative, inclusive, and productive conversations, and effectively navigate contentious issues, and emotions should they arise.

We promote equal voices among participants and encourage shared decision-making, creating an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, and productive outcomes are achieved.

If you’re grappling with a challenging problem or decision and struggling to find a solution, our facilitation services can provide the clarity and structure needed to overcome obstacles. Additionally, if you wish to transform your meetings into focused, productive, and highly effective sessions, our facilitators bring their expertise to create an environment that maximises efficiency and drives results.

From community consultation to strategic business planning, we can help.

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